Blog - July 2024

  • Choosing the Right Role for You

    Posted on Monday, July 8, 20241 comment

    Exploring various job opportunities can be overwhelming, but at Nothing But Recruitment, we are dedicated to helping you find the perfect role and making your journey to your dream career stress-free. There are numerous ways you can work, such as locum positions, permanent roles, contract work, or line of work. Below, we highlight the benefits of each to help you decide which path is right for ...

  • Mental Health Tips for Nurses

    Posted on Monday, July 1, 2024No comments

    Working as a nurse is both rewarding and challenging, often involving long shifts, high stress levels, and difficult days that can impact your mental health. At Nothing But Recruitment, we believe it's crucial to prioritize and care for our candidates' mental wellbeing, especially in these trying times. We understand that mental health care can sometimes be an afterthought, but we aim to change ...