Dispelling Myths About Locum Work: A Fresh Perspective

Posted on Wednesday, June 26, 20243 comments

As a healthcare professional, choosing the right career path is crucial. Whether you're considering permanent positions, contract roles, or locum shifts, each option offers unique advantages that can significantly impact your career trajectory.

When it comes to locum work, there are several misconceptions that might make you hesitant to explore these opportunities. Here, we aim to dispel some of these myths and shed light on the many benefits of locum work.

Myth: Limited Access to Training and Development

Reality: Ample Opportunities for Growth

Contrary to popular belief, locum professionals have access to extensive training and development resources. At Nothing But Recruitment, we provide a wealth of opportunities to our locums, including CPD-accredited webinars and ensuring compliance, revalidation, and appraisals are up-to-date. Additionally, we offer external training such as basic life support, manual handling, online mandatory training, and occupational health appointments. We even provide a CPD allowance to support your continuous professional development.

Myth: Lower Pay Compared to Permanent Staff

Reality: Competitive Compensation

A common misconception is that locum professionals are paid less than their permanent counterparts due to the temporary nature of their roles. However, locum positions often offer competitive pay rates, especially for critical roles that need to be filled urgently. The high demand for locum professionals ensures that their compensation is frequently on par with, if not higher than, permanent staff.

Myth: Difficulty Building Rapport with Patients

Reality: Opportunities for Quality Patient Interactions

Some believe that the short-term nature of locum work prevents the building of strong patient relationships. In reality, locum professionals have the opportunity to engage with patients afresh, providing thorough and attentive care. This unique perspective can enhance patient interactions and bring new insights to their treatment.

Myth: Limited Career Growth and Progression

Reality: Diverse Experiences and Specialization

Locum work offers a flexible pathway for career growth, allowing professionals to explore various specialties and find their niche. Many junior doctors take advantage of locum positions to gain experience in different fields before settling into a permanent role. The flexibility of locum work also allows for continued education and skill development, ensuring ongoing professional growth.

Myth: Lack of Job Security

Reality: High Demand and Continuous Opportunities

While locum work is inherently temporary, the demand for locum professionals remains consistently high. Healthcare facilities frequently rely on locums to cover for permanent staff on leave or during periods of high demand. This ongoing need ensures that locum professionals have a steady stream of opportunities available to them.

Is Locum Work Right for You?

If locum work sounds appealing to you, we invite you to get in touch with our team or submit your CV to info@nothingbutrecruitment.co.uk. We are committed to finding the most suitable locum placements that align with your career goals and professional needs. Explore the benefits of locum work and take the next step in your healthcare career with confidence.

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